Adesua Etomi: Read actress’ shocking reply to a rude follower on Instagram

Adesua Etomi gave a rude follower the shock of her life after calling her out on Instagram.

The beautiful actress had taken to her Instagram page on Sunday, July 8, 2018, where she posted a video of herself dancing at a party reception. She went on to caption the video with a quote.

“So many reasons to ‘Komole’ So GRATEFUL  Joy is Free. #lifeofgratitude,” she wrote. It didn’t take long before a rude follower took to the comment section to call the actress out.


“See mumu don’t go and get pregnant. Be there dancing like an idiot, I hate you because you are too fake…” she wrote. A not bother Adesua went on to reply the fan in a way no one saw coming.

Adesua Etomi play

Adesua Etomi



“Lool. Peace and love,” she replied. Well, that’s what you get when your offensive comments do not get to a celebrity. However, we have had cases where the celebrity would come for these nosy and rude followers. Let’s just say Adesua was in a good mood.

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TBoss comes for follower on Instagram


Back in April 2018, TBoss got called out by a nosy follower on Instagram and the celebrity wasn’t having any of it. So what really transpired between TBoss and the follower is that she had posted a photo of herself looking beautiful as usual and captioned with an advice about people not holding back from repeating their clothes.

“Who says you cannot repeat Clothes??? I believe clothes are to be repeated until you wear them out! After all, you should utilize the value of every penny spent. #MyOpinion #Mine #Youdonthavetoagreewithit. #Romania #Bucharest then #London. PS: I’m NOT saying if you can afford it it’s a bad thing I’m simply implying that there shouldn’t be any sort of pressure on you to impress the Gram Nation! #Eitherwaysiwillbemisquoted. What’s your opinion though? Comment below,” she wrote.


Then a follower for some unknown reasons replied TBoss with a message which wasn’t really clear, obviously because he or she wasn’t paying so much attention to the auto correct of their phone.

“That’s what by say when you font has 25M,” the follower wrote. Confusing right? Well, TBoss capitalized on the blunder made by the fan by saying she was ready to sponsor an English lesson class for the follower

TBoss play




“@iamsoptrick send your account details so I can send you 25K to go take English lessons! You desperately NEED them,” she replied him.


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