Aunty Jackie Aina does a makeup tutorial with her niece Jade and it is hilarious

We love keeping up with Jackie Aina and her boyfriend Denis. The Youtube couple take us along on all their fun antics but now, another member of the family is revealed. Jackie introduces her fans to her niece Jade in this hilarious new video which sees the two try and finish a makeup tutorial.

Jackie writes:

“Hang out with me and queen Jade on today’s makeup tutorial! If you follow me on instagram (if you aren’t, YOU SHOULD @jackieaina) then you will have already met my niece, Jade! She likes watching me play in makeup, a little too much sometimes. Next time I’ll be sure to film with her BEFORE she needs a nap lol. Enjoy! xo”

A great sense of humour must definitely run in the family.

Take a look at the fun video below!


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