I am versatile DJ — DJ Kentalky

DJ Kentalky is a versatile DJ with a Hip Hop, Afropop , Afrobeat , Trap , Edm , Techno sound. Born and bred in Ikeja, Lagos as Ismail Lawal, he first experienced music at the church as an instrumentalistwhere he played and rehearsed for church services.

DJ Kentalky

DJ Kentalky

After years of discovering his love for music Kentalky finally pursued it after he gained admission into higher institution. In 2015 he was part of “Jimmy’s Jump Off” dj lineup to play at the event.

Bellow is an interview with Kentalky, whereby he opened us into his life and music.

Please tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Ikeja, Lagos State.

My real names are Ismail Lawal.

I Studied Mass Communication, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta.

Tell us about your music background; how it all started and when you realized you wanted to be one of the big shots in the industry?

I started as an instrumentalist in my church when I was young … When I gained admission into higher institution I started Djing.

How did your career as a dj begin? 

I started my DJ career when I was in school. I used to give instrumentals to rappers for rap battles.

What so different about your genre?

I am very versatile. I am into all kinds of genres

Do you fuse sound while making music?

(Cause we know you dj’s are good with the mixer and fusing sound is something you all do while playing)

Yes I do.

What your music genre?

Hip Hop, Afropop , Afrobeat , Trap , Edm , Techn


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