Kelly Rowland: Singer looks sensational in edgy Vogue Australia feature

Kelly Rowland is somewhat of a force down under. The ex-Destiny’s Child singer is one of the superstar coaches on The Voice Australia and now the singer looks sensational in edgy Vogue Australia feature.

In the gorgeous feature, Kelly shows of a full head of luscious natural hair as she’s styled to perfection in edgy outfits. In the interview, she speaks about important life lessons she’s learnt and overcoming failures. She speaks candidly about the peaks and troughs of her career and opens up about the joys of motherhood.

Kelly Rowland speaks on life lessons and overcoming failures with Vogue Australia play

Kelly Rowland speaks on life lessons and overcoming failures with Vogue Australia

(Vogue Australia)

Kelly Rowland shows of her natural mane in Vogue Australia play

Kelly Rowland shows of her natural mane in Vogue Australia

(Vogue Australia)

Read excerpts from the interview below:

Having sold nearly 90 million records, Kelly Rowland could be a complete diva, but she is so much more than simply a star. 

We first meet on the set of this shoot while Kelly Rowland is being tested on camera about her knowledge of Australia, answering all the really important questions, such as: “What is a lamington?” (which she answers correctly) and: “Where is Woop Woop?” (which she answers incorrectly – watch the hilarious video below). Of the 23 Australian vernacular questions, she gets almost all of them right. Oh yeah, Rowland is a gun.

The next time we meet is briefly at a Christian Louboutin party. Rowland is with teenage singer Bella Paige and on a mission not just to work those Louboutins, and Christian himself, but to have fun and show her The Voice protégé the ropes. She likes going out, like a moth to a flame.

“It’s been a great season of The Voice,” Rowland says. “From the energy between the coaches, and the new talent, this year has been exceptional. People are looking for something new and refreshing to catch on to and be excited about; they operate off passion. And people smell bullshit: they want honesty. If there’s even an ounce, they call it out.” Rowland has been honest all the way through.

“It would be nice to win, but it’s the journey and I want to really tell people about the artists who are here. If you have a vested interest you really want them to shine and do their best. Sam [Perry] is very clever. Bella … it just happens with her because she is 16, and because she has this dynamic, I can read her body language. We are in tune and that’s a good thing.”

A few weeks later, at The Voice finale, Rowland is crowned the new coaching queen, with Sam Perry and Bella Paige taking first and second places respectively. Her duet/mash-up of Fatboy Slim and Kanye West with Perry is pure Rowland energy. She brings incredible focus and determination to everything she does – heart and soul. She is as open, honest and unafraid to talk about her experience and life, as you might hope to expect.


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