Love & Romance: Here’s why it is important to have relationship standards

Love & Romance: Here's why it is important to have relationship standards 1

If you have suffered relationship heartbreaks more than once, you may be asking yourself what you are doing wrong and that is absolutely understandable to try to get answers to that kind of situation.

If you are also at the stage where you are mentally screaming for a partner to come love you right and be a part of your life, too, it is important to take a step back and ask yourself questions before putting yourself out there in the dating game.

One of the important things to ask when you are at any of the stages mentioned above is “what exactly do I need from a relationship?” “what are my relationship needs?”

Questions like these show an intent, a logic to dating and are especially important for people who desire serious relationships.

Often times, people and endure the most toxic relationship behaviours because they never took time to understand what their needs are and never set personal and relational standards, let alone communicate those needs to the people they end up with.

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While it is logical to expect some things from a partner without having to spell it out to them, it still behoves everyone to know what works best for them before involving someone else in their lives.

And this all boils down to knowing yourself, understanding where you’re headed and the phase you are at. This is why people speak of dating people that complement and complete you. Someone whose presence in your life won’t disrupt things, instead of speeding it up.

Yes, people will advise you to not set high, unreachable standards but as I once wrote here, you do not have to answer them. Your standards are your choice to make. You can set them as high as you want because there’s nothing stopping you from getting it and keeping it if you have built character and developed to the level you hope to play on.

Whatever you decide to do, though, don’t be the one who has no standards at all and keeps ending up with every tom dick and harry.


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