Money Moves: 5 easy ways to make quick cash while on a trip abroad

Money Moves: 5 easy ways to make quick cash while on a trip abroad 1

An example of a travel horror story is realising that you don’t have enough money, or your card is not working while on a trip! These five easy ways can get you quick cash while on a trip abroad.

A common first-time-traveller mistake is not doing enough research when it comes to budget. So one can run into money problems. These tips may nor bring the largest amounts but remember that, small change here and there add up.

1. Sell your travel photos

Since you’re already going to take lots of pictures, you can use sites like iStock, Alamy, Shutterstock and Getty Images that make it really easy to sell your own stock photography. You just upload your pictures and brands, businesses, or individuals might ask you to buy them if they like them. There’s also a travel app called Foap where brands and businesses post assignments for specific countries, cities, or regions. You can look for assignments in your destination, snap a few shots, then submit them.

Also, if you use the GoPro, enter the travel-friendly contest categories like “Unusual Transportation” and “Stories from the Road.” They pick a new winner everyday and give away $500 for photos, $1,000 for raw videos, and $5,000 for edited videos.

2. Pimp out your skills as services

What special skills do you have that someone will pay for? Anything you can do that will save them time or money? You can put up a sign on the street or in a popular hostel or even online (like Elance or Fiverr). These services range from hairdressing to hair cuts to massages and lots more. Just find your target market and you’ll be good to go.

3. Be a tutor

Teaching English in a foreign country is a good way to get money while on the trip. You could search for Tandem partners too, though most are free. Tutoring whatever skills people need can get you by on your trip.

4. Be a quick hire

There are jobs that require extra help short term, in exchange for quick cash. Try out acting as an extra, or helping out on a ranch or farm, etc. In his TEDx talk, “How to travel the world with almost no money”, Tomislav Perko says he worked as a “Professional Traffic Diverter” for a construction site in Australia, and that brought him the largest amount of cash during his adventure.

5. Showcase your talents on the street

You can sing, dance, do magic tricks on the street and people will drop loose change in your bucket or hat. Tomislav Perko advises to always put a board that tells your story, where you’re coming from, to your audience so they know why you’re doing that and be more moved to help. It might look like begging but it really isn’t, since you would be doing something in return.


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