Photo Of The Day: Mercy Johnson’s daughters are here to slay

Photo Of The Day: Mercy Johnson's daughters are here to slay 1

We already know how stylish and classy Mercy Johnson is but when we begin to see those traits in her daughters then we know the world is in trouble.

On our photo of the day, we’ve got the two beautiful daughters of the sexy actress, Purity and Angel and these kids are here to slay. Their green dresses say a lot about them and their fashion taste which will ultimately reflect on how they might actually end up when they get older.

Take a close look and you would see two cute kids who know that despite being young represent what might fashion critics will call the next generation fashion deities.

Well let’s not bore with words, just admire the Okojie girls and if you are still single or hoping to have girls in the future, save this photo so you can dress them like this when that time comes.

This is not the first time we will be seeing Mercy Johnson and her cute kids neither would it be the last time as we are going to be serenaded with adorable photos of this celebrity and her children.


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