Recipe of the day: How to create Egusi-stuffed Eba pockets

Cooking time

15 minutes

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  1. First, you need to have your Egusi soup ready as that is the main part of the snack. If you need to learn how to cook Egusi, check out our recipe here.
  2. Pour the garri powder into a bowl, as much as you want. Pour hot water and stir like you want to make eba, but make sure it’s consistent and thick enough to hold a filling.
  3. When you get your desired texture, scoop some out and flatten on your palm. Place on a flat surface. Pour some egusi soup as filling and roll the eba over the filling. Repeat till you exhaust the eba.
  4. Heat a pan of very little oil and fry the eba pockets till edges are a bit brown. Note that this process can be done before adding the filling, depending on your choice.

Your eba pockets are ready! Enjoy.