‘Sex’ fraudsters on prowl on Facebook

‘Sex’ fraudsters on prowl on Facebook

‘Sex’ fraudsters on prowl on Facebook

By Ayo Onikoyi

A story purportedly written by one Facebook user who calls herself, Hopeyemi Hogunsakin, went viral, during the week,after she accused a popular pastor (Names withheld) of sleeping with her without paying her. She claimed that the alleged pastor and his secretary took her to a hotel, slept with her and dumped her after she got drunk.

She, however, threatened to expose the pastor if he doesn’t pay her the N10,000 they agreed as her service charge.

Meanwhile, Potpourri’s check revealed that the said Hopeyemi Hogunsakin is a scam , using another person’s picture to woo randy men. The picture the said Hopeyemi had used is that of a Ghanaian public figure known as Vickie Ama.

Months ago, the Ghanaian girl, Vickie Ama reached out to Potpourri on Instagram to complain of how many Nigerian girls are using her picture to woo and defraud men.

There are many like the Hopeyemi Hoguinsakin on Facebook using fake accounts and fake pictures to defraud the opposite sex. The common trend in their modus operandi is the use of  sexy and well-endowed pictures, adorned in revealing clothing.

On Wednesday, Potpourri had a close shave with one of such Facebook sex hawkers who have turned the platform to their hunting ground. A Facebook user who calls herself or himself (Most of these female accounts are usually run by men pretending to be women) Quenny German had sent a friend request which Potpourri accepted.

Immediately the friendship started she reached out on Facebook Messenger, saying it would be better if the chat continues on Whatsapp, giving her Whatsapp number (08161136303). When communication was maintained, the chats went from serious to trivial, and it was obvious she was leading the chat to the familiar grounds of intimacy.

She had claimed to be a student of University of Abuja and said she could come over if transport money is sent to her. Potpourri promised her the money and asked her to send her account number, which she did . The first account number she sent is of Zenith Bank, with account number 2050692170 and account name Wealth Akporube. When Potpourri complained the Zenith Account wasn’t going through with fund transfer, she sent another bank account, this time, of First Bank, showing she must be running many accounts. The name on the First Bank account 3119800651 is Queen German.

She was supposed to come visiting on Friday and stay till Sunday. When she expected the alert and didn’t get it, she decided to call. Truly, it was a voice of a woman, but there was agitation in her voice, a desperate person who needed money badly or it could have been an act. Potpourri promised to send the money as soon as possible and when she still didn’t get the money she kept calling and calling. What was unknown to her is that her cover had long been blown! She had only been led along to reveal more details about herself which she had done by revealing two of her bank accounts.

The moment Potpourri accepted her friend request, we knew the picture on display as hers is a phoney. When she was asked if the picture on display on her wall was hers, she answered in the affirmative. And she used the same picture as her Whatsapp display picture. In the matter of three days we maintained communication, she changed the picture three times and they are all of the person she claims to be – Gabriel Fox.

What actually gave her away is the picture she used. The picture is of an American hostess based in Texas, who goes by the name Gabriel Fox and her Instagram handle is known as @blackgabbydolls. This American Instagram sensation has on her wall many raunchy, sensuous and quite revealing pictures which many men would find exquisite and quite irresistible.

So, when next you get a friend request on Facebook from a beautiful and sexily clad women, be careful you are not another victim waiting in the wings.


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