Shocker: Evil Mum Films Herself Slapping And Smothering Her Own Baby…You Won’t Believe Why

An evil mum filmed herself slapping and smothering her baby daughter – so she could blackmail her estranged husband with the horrific footage.

The woman was detained by cops in China after she shared the clip online under the username Wei Juan.

She told officers she was feeling lonely and had hoped the video would encourage her husband to come home.

The 22-year-old woman in Hengyang, Hunan province, posted the disturbing film online on Saturday.

It shows the mum slapping her crying infant 15 times in ten seconds before covering the baby’s entire face with her hand in order to muffle her cries.

Shocker: Evil Mum Films Herself Slapping And Smothering Her Own Baby...You Won't Believe Why 1

She told police she was feeling lonely and made the film to prompt her estranged husband to return home

The footage immediately went viral, sparking outrage among internet users.

Li Gangbiao, Hengyang Public Security Bureau spokesman, said the videos were filmed and posted by Wei following an argument with her husband.

She attempted to blackmail her husband with the clips and force him to return home to her and their two-month-old daughter, Li said.

Wei, who admitted to feeling “lonely” in her husband’s absence, has since turned herself in and is being questioned by police.

The authorities say her daughter is in a stable condition.

A police statement said they handed Wei a detention sentence of five days which they did not carry out.

The mum is now receiving counselling provided by the Public Security Bureau.



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