Teni the Entertainer shines on the cover of Genevieve magazine and shares her views on self-love

Teni the Entertainer is experiencing her own Cardi B year with a whole lot of wins. Her latest one is the cover of Nigerian lifestyle magazine, Genevieve.

Teni show off her signature megawatt smile and cute as a button dimples as she beams on the cover of the February issue. On her head, she wears a mustard beret and the young star appears to be sporting a white shirt and black jacket. Our attention is grabbed by an elaborate floral earring that dangles from Teni’s ear.

With make-up kept to a minimum, the true essence of Teni shines through. Her infectious personality is palpable on the cover.

Speaking to Genevieve, Teni says, ”A lot of us have to fight our way through so many barriers; family, culture, religion. The popular belief that a woman has got to be in the kitchen [still exists]. Most girls aren’t confident enough to stay out late recording at the studio because society [would see them] as wayward. But we will get there someday .”

Also in the issue, Teni takes us on a joyous journey of self-love, music, family, comedy, and everything in-between. She speaks about what led her to the road to stardom and what it means to love herself through it all.

This month in Genevieve’s Anniversary issue, the magazine tackles Nigerian pop culture poses the question: Are We Experiencing The Death of the Mother Tongue?


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