The Energy of Sandra Bland’s Cellphone Video

The Energy of Sandra Bland's Cellphone Video 2

Energy is about angles. It is a place, posture, and pose. It considerations the slant of realities assembly—or sometimes clashing—at a shared level. The picture presently circulating of Texas state trooper Brian Encinia is one such picture, telling in its visceral, ominous skew. Launched this week by Dallas tv station WFAA, it was captured from a 39-second videoclip recorded by Sandra Bland throughout a 2015 site visitors cease. For many people, the video portrays the fiction of the American Dream: It paperwork parts of the final, tragic moments of Bland’s life, who would, in 72 hours, be discovered hanging in a police cell. Her loss of life was dominated a suicide, however Bland’s household, and lots of supporters, remained skeptical and accused authorities of mishandling her case. Now, it appears their doubts had been justified.

A picture from the 39-second video Sandra Bland recorded along with her cellular phone in 2015.

Unique picture from Investigative Community/YouTube

The picture shouts. It is in Encinia’s slight hunch ahead, the apparent bodily rage of his holler, in his intention immediately on Bland—all proof of tangible menace. It’s, once more, proof of the country’s spiral into illogical extremes: the inevitability and acceleration of black loss of life. How the push to outlive—particularly if you’re a 28-year-old black lady from Chicago driving by way of the South alone—all however narrows to a murmur. Like so many different names that now learn like scripture, our haunted gospel of black loss of life, Bland was decreased to a muted cry in a gulping void. She by no means stood an opportunity.

Nonetheless, I am shortly drawn to the illumination that the picture works towards. Daylight flares in slits and corners, and the bushes, what we will see of them, trace at rising life. Encinia imposes the body with pressure, practically occupying it utterly. These results work towards one another. The picture is one among conflicting, sorrowful tensions, made all of the stronger as a result of we all know what’s coming, and what has now handed. It’s despairingly prophetic and deeply American in its paralyzed state.

However you’ll be able to really feel, maybe, Bland laboring towards an illumination of her personal. Her pose can be energy. She angles the cellular phone digicam upward, as doc and guard, a rejection of give up, submission, silence. The historical past of racial surveillance and police terror towards marginalized communities—black, Latinx, queer, poor—is properly documented, and right here Bland suggests a reversal. After all, it will not save her. However for a second we’re along with her, wanting up as she does, the digicam pointed at Encinia’s shadowy contour of intimidation, watching as she orients on the sunshine behind him, at the same time as he works to blot it out.

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The Energy of Sandra Bland's Cellphone Video 3

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