Why MC Galaxy didn’t end live video that shows actress appear nude

He commented this in a post by blogger Linda Ikeji on Saturday, March 16, 2019. A day prior, the actress had joined the weekly interaction he often has with his fans and removed her clothes.

It seemed like an uncomfortable to be in for MC Galaxy who was seen covering his eyes while Etinosa was undressing. He considered that being a celebrity, cutting her off during an IG call may cause her to feel embarrassed.

“If you watched that video, I was blocking my eyes. I couldn’t even watch it.

“I even told her bye and she said if I cut the call, I will kill you, so at a point I didn’t want it to feel like I was embarrassing her. She is a celebrity and I cannot just cut off the call. I just had to cover my face,” says MC Galaxy in his chat with the Linda Ikeji’s Blog (LIB).

Further in an interview with LIB, he summed up that no one will dare to repeat the act by Etinosa based on the reactions, mostly negative, that have trailed it.

Joining the live video was a planned move on her part — one that she has not regretted according to her host who also confirmed that she is not in any way depressed from the incident as opposed to what has been believed.

“Etinosa is not depressed. We have been talking since. We just finished talking not long ago before you called in,” MC Galaxy told LIB.

The incident with the actress has developed into a controversy but it won’t prevent him from continuing with “Friday chat with my fans,” says MC Galaxy while remarking on the situation.

Pressure to end his IG broadcasts believed to be limiting women had been mounting since a week ago when an actress Toyin Abraham sent out warning to him.